FarApp’s ChannelAdvisor connector is a high-quality, fully customizable solution that connects ChannelAdvisor to your backend system like NetSuite or other ERPs. With FarApp’s connector for ChannelAdvisor, you can:

  • Benefit from time-saving, hands-off operation, allowing you more time to focus on your business
  • Fully automated Order-Processing and Fulfillment Processing
  • Sync your inventory in real-time from your back-end system to ChannelAdvisor
  • Customize the solution for your specific business needs
  • Includes email notifications for error reporting

Product & Inventory Sync

  • Supports product export to ChannelAdvisor
  • Syncs real-time inventory and price to ChannelAdvisor

Order & Customer Sync

  • Transfers orders and customers to your existing business system
  • Identifies repeat customers
  • Supports multiple currencies

Shipping Details

  • Transfers shipping details (carrier name, tracking number, shipping date, items) to ChannelAdvisor
  • Supports complete and partial fulfillments

Additional Features

  • Sync refunds to/from ChannelAdvisor
  • Can sync items from ChannelAdvisor to NetSuite
  • Can sync fulfillments in reverse (i.e. from ChannelAdvisor to NetSuite)



Level 1

$167/month billed annually

($200/month billed monthly)
Level 2

$250/month billed annually

($300/month billed monthly)
Level 3

$333/month billed annually

($400/month billed monthly)
Order Sync checkmark checkmark checkmark
Fulfillment Sync checkmark checkmark checkmark
Price and Quantity Sync checkmark checkmark checkmark
Full Product Sync   checkmark checkmark
Real-Time Price and Quantity Sync   checkmark checkmark
Refund Sync     checkmark


Add-On Feature

Add-On Price

NetSuite to ChannelAdvisor Order Sync

$42/month billed annually

($50/month billed monthly)
ChannelAdvisor to NetSuite Product Sync

$83/month billed annually

($100/month billed monthly)

*Listed pricing is per ChannelAdvisor connector. Please contact our Sales Team for more information on setup and fees.

Benefits of Using FarApp:

Flawless integration with Netsuite
Experienced and dedicated customer service team
Low-cost, monthly fee
Unsurpassed, flexible and high-end functionality